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Croatia the multifaceted pearl of pure water

Everyone will find in this country something for themselves - clear sea and beaches, healing mineral springs, picturesque rocky coastline, amazing national parks, a variety of local cuisine and fascinating historical monuments!

Ecological paradise

One Russian journalist specializing in environmental issues, put his impressions of Croatia in one succinct sentence: "I wrote a lot about the environment, and only now saw what it was," Perhaps you can't say better. Croatia has always been famous for its ecological purity, which largely attracts vacationers.

Beach holidays

"Highlight" of beach holidays in Croatia - a picturesque archipelago of islands, stretching along the coast and dapple with well-equipped sandy beaches. Fans of the wildlife will like the rugged coastal edge of "rocky" beachеs with the most beautiful and clear water bottom topography.

National cuisine

On the excursion programs and routes with culinary delicious character you will be unhurriedly and tastefully introduced to shepherd's stew of various meats, baked potatoes with bacon, variety of sausages. Istria region will please with more exquisite dishes with truffles, braised meat, Istrian soup "maneshtra" and of course, with freshest fish and seafood.

First meeting

We have taken the liberty to recommend the Istrian peninsula, the most picturesque region of the country. Visit any of its wonderful cities - Pula (one of the first Greek colony on the north Adriatic), one of the most popular resorts in the country Opatija, romantic Rovinj,that inspired Jules Verne, and, of course, the capital, Zagreb, and make your vacation unforgettable!

Pleasure for the eyes

It is even difficult to describe all the beauty and diversity of natural landscapes that you will see after driving an hour or two away from the coast. The Rockies are drowning in dense forests, cut up by rivers and tumultuous waterfalls cascade down the tranquil surface of the lake.

Unique history

Those who crave antiquities and knowledge also will find a place where they can satisfy their "hunger." The ancient Greeks, Romans, Slavs and Benedictine monks have left behind themselfs a number of historical monuments, fortifications, churches and other imperishable values!p>

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